Find out how Pink Detox started out and why it can help you fight stress, promote weight loss, and improve your skin appearance. 

Before Pink Detox, our founding babe was under a lot of stress. You might know exactly what I am talking about, right? 

The stress became so intense on her body, that just after a few weeks her skin became awfully dry and the dermatologist explained to her that she was suffering from a severe case of Neurodermatitis. 
Her skin condition caused her to fall into a depression. She knew, it was caused by all the stress she had in her life, so she started to take more time for herself. She started to take baths and read good books, all while enjoying the amazing detox effects of Pink Himalayan Salt.

And wouldn't you know it, she felt like the tension was easing off of her. Spending more time pampering herself just for a few short weeks really paid off and the Neurodermatitis slowly healed up.

For our founding babe taking detox baths, didn't just eliminate stress, depression, and healed up her Neurodermatitis, it also helped her to get rid of some unwanted waste. 

It's actually a very simple process. Every day, you're body is exposed to lots of toxins. In the air, the food you eat, drinks, beauty products, and more. To protect itself, your body will lock up the toxins and surround them with fat cells. By detoxifying your body, you are helping it to naturally release harmful toxins and let go of unwanted fat storage. 

So if you feel like you are plateauing babe, you might really are, until you detox. 

Now, you know how to fight stress and let go of some unwanted weight, but do you know what else happened to our founding babe when she discovered detoxifying?

The 84 valuable trace minerals of Pink Himalayan Salt, that are also found in the human body, helped her skin to new softness.
The detox stimulates circulation and promotes cellular regeneration and moisture retention in dry, irritated skin, which will leave you with soft, glowing, and healthy skin. 

So what do you say, babe? Let's detox.