Pink Sea Salt Detox Bath Soak Benefits


Definition: Jack-

A very intellectual, insightful man (duck) with the most honest heart. His intentions and words are always well intended and he has the sexiest eyes in the whole world.
(...)  He hates fighting/ argueing. * yawn* its boring to him.
But he will always win because he plays by his own rules. His morality is strong and he's as dependable as a solid rock. A guy (duck) you can count on. Loves meeting new people (babes) where ever he goes. Loves freedom. Hates being conformed. Wont change for anyone and wont expect you to change either.
Highly independant. Likes to use his head. And its a very powerful one...very brilliant. Has women (babes) falling left and right where while he's still standing.
Humble. Funny. Wont lie.

If I can't take care of your soft skin, nobody can. It's time to start #DatingJack .