Pink Detox Bath Bombs  

Thank you for visiting Pink Detox girlfriend! The place for babes like you and me to get back on track when that Saturday night glass of Champagne or Red Wine calls :-)

For years I have been trying very hard to follow a healthy lifestyle but felt super frustrated about myself when I had a drink or a cheat meal which led me to fall of the wagon. (Yes, the kind of cheat meal that turns into a cheat weekend and all your progress gets lost in an instant!) 

I was looking for something to help me get back on track and my Detox Bath Soak & Bombs were born. Together with my willingness to accept my flaws, I was able to look past a break of my healthy lifestyle and simply move on. There will always be a holiday with a certain cheat meal or a ladies night with your besties, the secret to stay on track is to accept life as it is happening, detox and flush out the toxins consumed, and to move on. 

Together with my partner in crime Jack, we want to sweeten up your detox and get you back on track.

Feel free to connect with my, I'd love to hear your story. Just email me at kerstin@pinkdetox.com