Time is the only thing that will change.

I hope you enjoyed the extra hour last night just as much as I did. It was well deserved and also needed. Now the countdown to the end of the year has officially started. I promise though babe, time was the only thing that changed last night. I keep it real with my babes and I keep it real with my products for you.


Let’s stop time together.

There are tons of good reasons for you and me to get together. Starting a detox is just one of the things I can help you with. It will help your body swap bad toxins with important minerals, which will result in promoted cell growth. It might not stop time, but it sure will slow it down and keep you looking young.


We can meet up earlier now.  

More cells, means your body is keeping you gorgeous. And earlier nightfall could result in earlier baths, and for you and me to meet a little bit earlier today. So babe, fill up the tub and remember, no other bath salt will keep feeling so good like I do, simply because #TheyAintJack.


Talk to you soon babe,


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