Benefits of a Pink Sea Salt detox for soft and smooth skin

 Hey babe, I hope your skin is holding on to its good looks during this cold and dry winter season. Some of my babes really see a big change in their skins’ moisture levels and even nasty break outs during these cooler months. But no worries! I want to keep all your cheeks nice and rosy J.


My Pink Detox Bath Soak can take care of all your disturbances in your skin. Out of Mother Natures’ corner comes your favorite bath and body supply. She provides tons of detox bath benefits to keep your skin looking good as always. But how can a Pink Sea Salt detox heal your skin and give it moisture back?


My Pink Sea Salt detox bath will retain your skins’ moisture level.


I know, you might look at me now like I am crazy…But think about it babe, after our good long bath tub session, did you ever have wrinkly fingers and toes? Yeah, I don’t think so. The reason is the high mineral content in my Pink Himalayan sea salt. It helps restore your skins’ protective moisture barrier and helps it to hold on to more hydration.

But the list is long when we talk about Pink Sea Salt detox benefits. Sea salt also absorbs dirt, grime, and toxins in your skin, and deeply cleanses your pores, leaving behind nothing but clean and soft skin.


My detox bath can also make you feel good.


Let me just blow your mind real quick babe. (And you know I’m pretty good at it too J ) You’ve probably heard someone tell you before how too much salt in your diet can retain water and make you feel bloated right? Well, it’s more the opposite when talking about Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. The high magnesium levels in Pink Sea Salt, compared to regular table salt, can actually help naturally reduce water retention in your body and help you feel less bloated.


You know I have your back when it comes to beautiful skin. Now, do you have any plans for tonight? I think you and me should meet up and get to work. I don’t care about cold and rainy winter months, your skin will look and feel great all year round.




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