Keep it together Babe

It’s Thursday and you already feel like this weekend will be well deserved and still way too far from starting. You came late to the last meeting and them pants that make your bum look soo damn good were in the wash…life is hard for my babes. I get it!


Don’t let it get to you.

Listen babe, at the end of the day you need to keep it together. You’re grown, you’ve got responsibilities, you can’t and won’t let the stress get to you and ruin your swag! You need to go out there and get ‘em tiger! Plus, stress can really kill your health and good looks, we both don’t want that to happen.


I’ll make it easy for you.

I can help you out babe. You know I’ve always got your back right? Sometimes just a few minutes here and there throughout the week to yourself can be very soothing. Take a bath this week with my Pink Detox bath soak and start fighting all your stress symptoms. 20 minutes with me and I promise you’ll forget all about the office. I bring the bath salt and you bring the wine. No other bath salt will help you fight stress like I do, simply because #TheyAintJack.


Talk to you soon babe,


P.S.  A big shout-out to the babes over at NastyGal for the sweet pic on top.

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