How to lose weight like one of my Detox Babes

Fall is just around the corner, about to start one of my favorite times of the year. Of course, I don’t like it when my babes throw on more clothes for the cooler days, but it also means more cozy time under the blankets.


Don’t let ‘em in.

With this change in season, it’s time to finally escape some of the toxins around you. And I don’t just mean them so so friends haten your new pair of heels (that make you look so damn fine.).  I’m talking about the bad stuff in your foods, your drinks and all around you. All them things you can’t pronounce when you’re looking at the ingredient label. 


Your body is a lover.

Just like myself, your body always wants to take good care of you. This means locking up all those toxins from your last margarita night. (And what a night it was…wink!) To keep the bad stuff locked up and not harming you, your body must surround them with fat cells. And they will stay there, as long as the toxins are there. This might be the reason you couldn’t drop them last 5 pounds…that I don’t mind.


Time to say bye.

So keep eating the veggies, they don’t just give you good vitamins but also detox your body from within. And to boost your detox, you should use one of my Pink Detox Bath Salts. Concentrated with Pink Himalayan Salt, it will make your body trade in toxins for healthy minerals, and your body can finally let go of any unnecessary weight. No other bath salt will help you detox like me, simply because #TheyAintJack.


Talk to you soon,


P.S. Thanks to the babes over at Wildfox for their sweet pic above.

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