How often should we meet up babe?

Babe, you know I love you. You know I am crazy about you and if I could I’d be with you wherever you go. But let’s be for real. Besides all the fun we have and bath tub secrets we share, we meet up for a reason.


I’m here for your detox.

You and I get together for a good detox bath session. It’s time to kick those toxins in their behind and say goodbye, while we make room for the good stuff. I packed 2 detox bath sessions in one pack and recommend my babes to detox twice a week. Really focus on cleansing for a whole week. After that, we should meet up at least once a month to keep your body free of toxins.


Go all the way babe.

Very soon into your detox, you will notice several benefits like cleaner and smoother skin. You will feel more relaxed and also have more energy throughout the day. To enhance your Pink Detox benefits, you should combine it with more green vegetables and water in your diet, plus daily exercise. And babe remember, no other bath salt will keep your skin feeling so good like I do, simply because #TheyAintJack.


Talk to you soon babe,


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