Give someone the gift of a home spa bath session.

The time of giving starts now babe. I love being with all my babes throughout the whole holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving next week. One of the best days of the year and the official start into a very magical time.  I love giving and making my babes happy and this year, I want you to be able to do the same.


The next weeks could get a bit messy.

Even though the holidays bring tons of fun and time with your loved ones, it can get quite stressful. Sometimes even messy…But I have something for you. I wanted to start the holiday season with a special gift from me to all of my babes.


Let’s give together.   

Starting tomorrow November 21st  all the way until Christmas, my babes at the Pink Detox HQ will be shipping out free bath gifts to stressed out babes in need. You stock up on a Pink Detox bath soak for yourself and we will send you the same value package as a gift for somebody. So, think about a babe in your life that really needs a home spa like bath gift from Pink Detox and look out for the official campaign email tomorrow to get started.


P.S. Thanks to @just_mindilyn for the great pic.

Talk to you soon babe,


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