Celebrating Pink

A big shout out to all our pink loving babes!

It's time to start your crush on pink. Not just because it's basically the official female babe color. But we gals had to fight hard for this title, after the Ladies' Home Journal article in June 1918 said pink was for boys.

We are vibing with pink for a whole pallet of reasons.

Pink can encourage us babes to take action and have confidence. It signifies happiness and joy. Women seem to become stronger around the color pink.

Pink stands for good health. 

Red or pink coloring in fruits and vegetables indicates a high amount of powerful antioxidants, which help your body capture free radicals, which will help your body to grow healthy cells and fight heart disease. 

Pink can help you detox. 

Our main bath salt ingredient Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, with all it's antioxidants and powerful 84 minerals will help your body detox. Flush out the bad and soak up the good to fight stress, promote weight loss, and improve overall body health all with pink. 


XOXO, your Detox Babes.

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