Detox Bath: Wash away your sins!

Pink Detox Bath

Ever wondered if there was an easy way of getting rid of your sins? Not the sins like orgasms, you should have more of those not less. Sins like the champagne and late night pizza from last Saturday. The make up and bronzer.

You know babe, the stuff that you do or don’t do that ends up in dirty, jucky skin right on your face for everyone to see. What if I told you my Detox Bath can take it all away? You're in luck babe. 

What your skin really wants. The Detox Bath.

Sunday night and your skin is showing the last weekend. What’s there to do?

Water and shower are good. A Detox Bath is better.

Your skin is missing important minerals to cleanse itself. Your pores are filled with bad stuff that won’t let your biggest organ breath.

Your skin wants to be freed and deeply cleansed from everything clogging it. 

There are two sides to your skin’s story.

The one side, the outside, babes might already have tried. But simply washing away dirt is like winning only half the battle. Your dirty little pores might be clean for a second, but ready to hold on to more nasties the minute you turn your face.

It’s time to take care of your skin from the other side. The Inside. This is when you lay in a hot Detox Bath. The heat will open your pores, allowing the goodness and minerals of my Detox Bath to enter your skin.

Now your skin and body have all the tools to start its detox process and deeply cleanse. You’ll simply seat it out. And it will show. Thankful of the detox, your skin will heal up and look its best. Clear and beautiful how my babe is supposed to look.

X - Jack

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  • I love your style of writing, very entertaining!

    Sylvie Racine on
  • Detox bath sounds like a great product!

    Rhonda on

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