7 Benefits of Sea Salt Detox

Hey Babe, missed me? I know you have, and how’s your skin been doing, looking good? If not, I have just the right thing for you. One of my babes complained, feeling bloated and her skin feeling rough. I recommended a deep skin sea salt detox; you know I got you when it comes to skin issues!

Using Sea Salt Detox for Radiant Skin

Our skins are like sign posts for what happens inside our bodies.  Overtime, toxins mount in our bodies especially due to the processed foods.  They cause skin problems and many other bodily discomforts. This, babes is something you want to avoid. That sticky skin and bloated feeling is your body begging you to carry out a cleanup.  The answer to that request is a Sea Salt Detox.

Benefits of Sea Salt Detox

Improves Your Confidence

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and whatever happens inside of you, gets reflected by your skin in several ways. Salt-water flush results in a body free of toxins and impurities. Not only does your skin feel fresher, your sweat loses its odour, eliminating a constant dependence on deodorants.  With my sea salt detox you can feel confident all night as you raise your hands and party away.

Less Bloating

Salt water flush for bloating is nothing new; this form of treatment has been practised since ancient times. Sea Salt acts as a muscle-contracting agent. Therefore, as the muscle in the intestinal region contracts, it forces all those toxins and excretions out, literarily emptying your colon. Therefore you wouldn’t feel bloated anymore and can fit into that pretty dress. You’d really love that, wouldn’t you?

Restore Hormonal Imbalances

Sea salts have a lot of minerals in them; our Himalayan Pink Salt has over 80 minerals in it! Sea Salt detox can help restore hormonal imbalance in the body. Some of the effects of hormonal imbalance include missed periods, irregular cycles and even heavy bleeding.  Girl, I’m sure you don’t want heavy bleeding ruining an all important date.  Sea salt also helps restore that delicate PH and hormonal level in your body.

Relieves Heart Burn

Salt is alkaline… you remember your chemistry right? Heartburns, ulcers and many other stomach discomforts are caused by high acid level in the stomach region. The sea salt detox balances out the acid in the stomach, and brings relief to the discomfort. A sea salt detox is a great alternative to those chalky antacids you know.

Eases Pains

Sea Salt detox can help ease pains in the body. These pains, both muscle and joint are caused often times by toxins in the body.  So when next your bones are screaming and your head is banging from a party you ‘shouldn’t have attended’, just remember that a sea salt detox can take it all away.

For Weight Reduction

Usually weight loss comes as a result of increasing the body’s metabolism, so that the body can burn fat. Due to much processed foods we eat, our metabolism can get scrambled. With an imbalanced metabolism, weight loss becomes very difficult.  However, when this balance is restored, which salt water can help you do, your efforts begin to produce results.

Boosts the Immune System

When the toxins and those poisons get out of your body, the food you eat is absorbed better into your blood stream. If you eat healthy, then your body can take those nutrients and use them, effectively improving your immune system.

So, you see babes, sea salt water detox is a must have in your home!

So how do you use our Himalayan Pink Salt for best results?

How to do salt water Flush

Sea salt and table salt are not the same; this is just to draw the distinction. Most of the time table salt has gone through a lot of processing, and most of its minerals have been lost in the process. However, for Sea salt, like our Pink Himalayas salt collection, you can expect to get all the minerals. Just add one detox bath bomb to your bath water and soak away!

After this exercise, you’ll feel very light, all feelings of bloating gone.  Your skin will glow, as it will have received a cleansing from the inside out.  You know what this means, babes, the guy next door will notice you more, because when you feel good, you’ll invariably look good. Bask in the attention because you earned it!



 *Credits: Pic via @EmilyMohsie

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