Why a Detox Bath Might Be the Answer to All Your Problems

What's up babe? It’s me again, your favorite guy (duck), okay, so in all my relating with ladies both socially and professionally I’ve learnt loads. One of them is the need for you gals to feel and be seen as beautiful and attractive. Now, I want to talk to you how my natural Detox Bath might be the answer to all of your skin problems. 

However, in this age and time, it has becoming increasingly difficult to stay beautiful, naturally for as long as possible. The presence of harmful chemicals in some of our quick fixes (skin lotions and makeup) makes it all worse. We consume processed foods; our air is filled chemicals and toxins from burning of fossil fuels. The list of potential factors that can ruin a lady’s beauty in the long run can go on and on.

There’s a solution though, yes, despite all the toxins and harmful substance in our environments. While the influential guys are working on reducing pollution in the world, I’ll work on helping you stay beautiful from the inside.

A couple of things that can help you girls (and guys too) stay healthy and younger for longer include healthy meals, lots of water, and exercise. To crown it all up, a little TLC for the skin and by that I mean a detox bath. It helps clean your skin from the inside out. It has a lot of other benefits, and I’ll be telling you about them. But first a little bit of education on detox baths.

What is a Detox Bath

We all know what a bath is right?  Adding detox to that would mean a kind of body (or part of the body) wash or soak done in a mixture of water and special ingredients for the purpose of relaxing, ridding the body of toxins and all other impurities.

History of Detox Bath

Detoxification is not a recent discovery, the ancients practiced many forms of detoxification and detox baths. This practice cut across many cultures.  The Ayurveda in India believed that most illnesses were a result of toxins in the body. They held the beliefs so much that they had methods of detoxifying plants before consumption.  

The Egyptians, the Romans and many other cultures used these methods for health and relaxation. Native Americans used Sweat lodges, similar to today’s Sauna, this stimulated the body to sweat and pass out impurities.

Other methods included bathing in water mixed with aromatic oils, herbs and even bathing in certain springs or water bodies due to the healing powers those waters were believed to have possessed.  Socrates noticed that fishermen fishing on a certain sea always had their cuts and injuries healed quickly. Therefore, he recommended full body baths in those waters for skin ailments and it produced results.

Types of Detox Bath

There are many ways to detox and stimulate the body to help the detox process. One of them is bathing, there are many kinds of detox baths, your choice depends on what you are trying to achieve. Here are a few:

Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Beneficial for those with high blood pressure, improves nerve function, removes body impurities and very good for relaxing and easing muscle pains. Epsom salt detox bath is also great for weight loss.

Ginger Detox Bath

Great detox bath for colds and other feverish conditions.

Green Tea Detox Bath

Helps to stimulate the body’s own detoxification process, also supplying the liver with the necessary nutrients it needs to carry out this important function.

Baking Soda Detox Bath

Helps to ease swollen glands, helps digestive problems and helps those who are unable to hold down food in the stomach.

Sea Salt Detox Bath

Works just like Epsom salt, only that it contains more minerals so there is better mineral absorption in the body, as works well to give smooth and soft skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Detox Bath

Excellent for those with skin issues, as it returns the skin to its optimal condition. Also helps fight body odour and gives great relief for those with joint problems and yeast infections.

Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

This is very useful for treating skin ailments such as skin ulcers and other skin infections.

Fever Baths

This is use majorly for detoxification and removing impurities from the body. This often involves including beneficial botanical products to stimulate the body’s natural detoxification pathways.

Amazing Benefits of Detox Baths

If detox baths did not have any benefits, I doubt it would have lasted over 2000 years.  Some of the benefits include:

Beautiful and Younger Looking Skin

One of the reasons your skin seems to appear dry and flaky many times could be due to lack of moisture and impurities. When you detox, the impurities are brought out and your skin is hydrated. Giving you a younger looking and softer skin, doing this regularly will help you look younger for longer.

Helps to De-stress and Relax

The hot water mixture acts like a massage. A twenty minute soak in our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt will balance your metabolism, helping you forget the day’s stress for improved relaxation.

Helps for Weight Loss

Babes if you want to still be able to fit into those jeans of yours, you should try using our Detox Bath for weight loss. Toxins and impurities disrupt our body metabolism, which is necessary for weight loss. When you detoxify, you can go back to losing weight easily.

Balances the Body’s Natural pH

We both know how badly hormonal imbalance can ruin a lady’s life.  From irregular menstrual cycles, to cellulite, acne eruptions, PMS and many others… just listing them is depressing. But you can avoid them, with sea salt detox you can reverse your body to its natural pH and also restore hormonal balance. 

Helps to detoxify the body system

Detoxification is the simply the process of removing toxins from the body. The body has a natural way of detoxifying; this is one of the functions of the kidney and the liver. The toxins come out through sweat and excretion.  What a detox bath does is to stimulate this, so when you detox you remove unwanted chemicals and poisons from your body.

Fights Body Odour

A detox bath cleans your skin from the outside in, not only does the dirt on and underneath your skin go away, odour causing organisms also are dealt with. Therefore, you can come out with confidence knowing you smell great even without a deodorant.

Most Effective Detox Bath

The particular kind of detox you decide on depends on what you want to achieve.  Just as we have discussed above, you can choose any for your detox process.

One of the most effective and probably amongst the least popular is green detox bath. Everyone one know of the therapeutic benefits of consuming green tea from improving vitality to weight loss and detoxification. The way green tea works is that it stimulates detoxification and provides the liver (the body’s main detoxification organ) with enzymes and nutrients to support its detoxification.

However, green tea is not only for drinking. You can also soak in it, as it also helps rid the liver of all the by-products of its detoxification process, so that it can do it again. There’s no getting around it, when it comes to detoxification, Green Tea baths are amongst the most effective.

Another very effective detox bath is sea salt, (Dead sea salt and Himalayan Salt). Our Himalayan Pink Salt is gotten from seas in the Himalayan region. It contains 84 minerals over 40 more minerals in the Dead Sea salt.

How to Do a Detox Bath

We’ve seen the cool things a detox bath will do for you, so how do you do a detox bath in a way that you’ll get all the results?

First you need hot water, as hot as you can stand and if you discover the water is too hot while you are in the tub, just add cold water. Add your salts and other ingredients such as aromatic oils and other herbs. Add 1 to 2 cups of our Himalayan pink salt, then a few drops of essential oils if  wanted for added benefits. Soak in the bath for 40 minutes. Then come out, and rinse out yourself. You can do this without the oils if you like.

Take at least a cup of water before and after the process, as it could be very dehydrating.  For this same reason, it is advised that you do a bath detox a maximum of 3 times a week, not more than once a day. And make sure you have ample time to rest after the process, because it can leave you tired and weak because your muscles are all relaxed. However, when you wake up or after you take a rest, you’ll feel great.

There are various detox bath recipes where it’s suggested that you mix various ingredients. However, various proponents have advised that it is wrong to mix certain kinds of ingredients like salts and Apple Cider Vinegar, since one is alkaline, and the other is acidic. However, a mixture of salts is okay. So you can mix Epsom salt with Sea salt, in equal quantities.

Phew! Here we are! That was long right? I believe you’re all fired up for a detox bath.  For your sea salt detox bath you know you don’t have to look far. We have Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, mined from the Himalayan region, packed and sold in its purest form without any chemical alterations. This is the best way to pamper your skin and when you are done, you'll be very glad you did!

Talk to you soon. 



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Himalayan Pink Bath Salt For A Show Stopping Skin

What lady doesn’t crave a show stopping skin? I’m yet to meet one! Imagine walking into a bar or a restaurant where a band is playing. As you enter all conversation cease, and someone in the band starts playing off note, all because of you. This scene doesn’t only happen in the movies, it also happens in real life. I have seen it happen; the world seems to stand still, and my babe seems to walk in slow motion. Now that’s what I call a show stopper! So if you want to have a skin that makes the guys drool and the girls get jealous, stick with me. My job is to make you look beautiful, naturally. Read on and find out how my Himalayan Pink Bath Salt formula can yelp you achieve amazing skin. 

One tool in my arsenal for you to achieve that flawless skin is my Himalayan Pink Salt. A 30-minute soak in it, and I tell you, your skin will be as good as new.  The Himalayan Pink Salt thoroughly cleanses your skin from the outside in and out again, taking out the dirt and impurities that makes your skin feel rough and look unpleasant.

After you’re done with this, not only will you look pleasant, you’ll also feel pleasant. Relaxing in the pink waters of this salt has a way of uplifting your spirits. Now talking about salts there are some other salts like the Celtic Salt, Dead Sea Salt and even the very popular Epsom salts, they all have health benefits. However, let’s compare them (Pink Himalayan Salt and Epsom Salt) and see what we get.

Himalayan Bath Salt vs. Epsom Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is said to be one of the purest salts in the world. It’s gotten from salt mines about 5000feet below the Himalayas Mountain, in Punjab Pakistan. It comes in pink, white or red colour; therefore it has been dubbed pink gold.

Epsom Salt is not actually salt; the chemical composition of salt is Sodium and Chloride (NaCl). Epsom is made from Magnesium and Sulphur, though the substance is crystalline (looks like salt) and white, so that where it got the salt name for.  It was first gotten from Epsom in England, and it was named after the place.

Both “salts” have great health properties but the pink salt is actually salt and just like salt, it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which Epsom doesn’t have.

So how do you get a show stopping skin from using pink Himalayan salt?

Pink Himalayan Salt for Foot Soak

Many ladies take care of their faces and hands but forget their feet. What they might not know is that the feet are parts of the body that pick up lots of toxins. Therefore, it sometimes needs to be detoxified. Doing a pink Himalayan Pink Bath salt foot soak is very good for exfoliating especially the heels. It will make your feet look great and you’d be able to rock those sandals with more confidence.

Himalayan Salt Bath for Skin Disorders

We all know how very uncomfortable Eczema can be, and those patches they leave behind, they can ruin a babe's looks. You can use Himalayan Salt bath for treating Eczemas. The salt can either be used for a bath, or you can also use it as a face wash. Two spoons of Himalayan salt in a glass of water will do, if you refrigerate it, then you can use it for a longer time. Other skin problems like acne, dermatitis can also be reduced using a regular (3 times a week max) Himalayan Pink Bath Salt formula.

Getting a show stopping skin has become easier than ever, add our Himalayan Pink Salt to your bath, and soon your skin will be glowing at a show stopping level!  Our Himalayan Pink Salt is gotten from a genuine source in Punjab Pakistan, without any chemical additives. So you can be sure you’re getting the real thing.

Talk to you soon babe, 




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12 Awesome Things a Detox Soak Will Do to Your Body

The weekend is around the corner and you’ve worked hard all week. I know you can’t wait for the weekend to come so that you can party with your girlfriends. But you’re feeling very tired and stressed. You’re beginning to think that you’ll probably stay back home and watch Netflix while your girls catch all the fun. But listen babe, while it’s good to rest, the weekend is long and you know you deserve some fun; after all, you’ve worked really hard.  So to re-energize your body and take away all the stress; I know exactly what you need. You need a detox soak with my natural Pink Himalayan Salt. If you’re still unconvinced, here are my top reasons why you should detox and soak tonight.

12 Cool Things a Detox Soak Will Do for You

Softer Skin

What lady doesn’t want a softer skin? I’m yet to meet one. A 20-minute soak in a bath with our Himalayan pink salt will do wonders for your skin. It strengthens the skin barriers, which helps to retain the skin moisture. All these go ahead to make the skin soft and supple by eliminating skin dryness.

Helps Fight the Flu

I know you might find it difficult to believe you can do detox bath for cold. A ginger detox bath will help drive out the flu virus from the body. Adding powdered ginger into the sea salt detox bath will help heat up your body, driving out the cold. This is very effective against flu.

De-stressing and Relaxing Effects

At the end of a hectic day, one way to melt away the stress is to do a detox soak. The salt has a way of numbing the mind. This helps you relax and let go of your worries, even if it is just for a few minutes!  After you’re done with the bath, you’ll feel refreshed and energized.

Detoxify Your Body                                                                                                                                                       

Every day we come in contact with at least 700,000 toxins, from processed foods, our jobs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and of course our environment. Sea salts and hot water bath helps remove these toxins from the body. When these toxins are gone, you look younger and feel more energized for your activities.

Improves Sleep

If you have difficulty sleeping, you should consider doing a deep-sea salt soak, using our Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. Soak at least 2 hours before bedtime. The bath raises the body temperature; this facilitates a steep temperature drop for the body after the bath helping your body wind down easily.

Good for Joints and Bone Pains

When sulphur is absorbed into the body, it helps reduce inflammations in the joints and bones. Sulphur attaches itself to toxins in the body; this renders them harmless and reduces the work the liver has to do. These toxins are passed out in form of urine from the body.

Treating Sore Muscles

A detox soak, with our Sea salts is very useful for treating muscle pain and soreness. It is almost like a massage, but it’s all done by hot water and salt. So girl any day you feel you had one too many reps at the gym, or you sat for too long, just 12 minutes in the bath with any of our products and you’ll feel great.  

Helps Increase Minerals in the body

Epsom and Sea salts are rich in magnesium, calcium, sulphur and many other minerals.  Magnesium helps to improve blood flow throughout the body; it also helps to reduce inflammation. Soaking in Epsom or Sea salt helps your body absorb good quantities of magnesium through your skin. This soak is very good for those having magnesium and calcium deficiency.

Eliminates Body Odour

A detox soak is a very in-depth body cleaning method, unlike soap it goes into the skin pores and does a deep and long lasting cleansing. So you feel clean and fresh and your sweat loses its odour. You can go about your activities without needing deodorant, because the odour causing toxins have been washed away.

Helps Your Weight Loss Effort

If you’ve been trying to lose weight to no avail, it is possible your metabolism has been disrupted. So you’ll need a detox bath for weight loss. We take in a lot of toxins from our meal and activities; they scramble our bodies and make it difficult for the body to effectively carry out certain functions. When you get these toxins out, the body bounces back to normal and weight loss can commence.

Restores Hormonal Balance

Toxins are responsible for the hormonal imbalances which a lot of people experience from time to time. They can disrupt menstrual cycles in women amongst other things. A detox soak however will take care of that. As the skin absorbs the minerals from the salt, the pH and hormone levels in the body are restored.

Boosts the Immune System

When the body system is detoxified, and all the hormones are balanced then it becomes easier for the body to absorb the nutrients from food. Therefore, food is digested properly and the immune system is built up in the process.

So you can see all you stand to gain from a 12 - 45 minutes detox soak. The benefits are just immense! You’ll feel energized and clean. Your skin is also going to look very great and feel smooth. Don’t forget you can always use our Pink Himalayan Salts for all your detox soaking. It contains 84 minerals making it one of the best bath salts around.

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7 Benefits of Sea Salt Detox

Hey Babe, missed me? I know you have, and how’s your skin been doing, looking good? If not, I have just the right thing for you. One of my babes complained, feeling bloated and her skin feeling rough. I recommended a deep skin sea salt detox; you know I got you when it comes to skin issues!

Using Sea Salt Detox for Radiant Skin

Our skins are like sign posts for what happens inside our bodies.  Overtime, toxins mount in our bodies especially due to the processed foods.  They cause skin problems and many other bodily discomforts. This, babes is something you want to avoid. That sticky skin and bloated feeling is your body begging you to carry out a cleanup.  The answer to that request is a Sea Salt Detox.

Benefits of Sea Salt Detox

Improves Your Confidence

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and whatever happens inside of you, gets reflected by your skin in several ways. Salt-water flush results in a body free of toxins and impurities. Not only does your skin feel fresher, your sweat loses its odour, eliminating a constant dependence on deodorants.  With my sea salt detox you can feel confident all night as you raise your hands and party away.

Less Bloating

Salt water flush for bloating is nothing new; this form of treatment has been practised since ancient times. Sea Salt acts as a muscle-contracting agent. Therefore, as the muscle in the intestinal region contracts, it forces all those toxins and excretions out, literarily emptying your colon. Therefore you wouldn’t feel bloated anymore and can fit into that pretty dress. You’d really love that, wouldn’t you?

Restore Hormonal Imbalances

Sea salts have a lot of minerals in them; our Himalayan Pink Salt has over 80 minerals in it! Sea Salt detox can help restore hormonal imbalance in the body. Some of the effects of hormonal imbalance include missed periods, irregular cycles and even heavy bleeding.  Girl, I’m sure you don’t want heavy bleeding ruining an all important date.  Sea salt also helps restore that delicate PH and hormonal level in your body.

Relieves Heart Burn

Salt is alkaline… you remember your chemistry right? Heartburns, ulcers and many other stomach discomforts are caused by high acid level in the stomach region. The sea salt detox balances out the acid in the stomach, and brings relief to the discomfort. A sea salt detox is a great alternative to those chalky antacids you know.

Eases Pains

Sea Salt detox can help ease pains in the body. These pains, both muscle and joint are caused often times by toxins in the body.  So when next your bones are screaming and your head is banging from a party you ‘shouldn’t have attended’, just remember that a sea salt detox can take it all away.

For Weight Reduction

Usually weight loss comes as a result of increasing the body’s metabolism, so that the body can burn fat. Due to much processed foods we eat, our metabolism can get scrambled. With an imbalanced metabolism, weight loss becomes very difficult.  However, when this balance is restored, which salt water can help you do, your efforts begin to produce results.

Boosts the Immune System

When the toxins and those poisons get out of your body, the food you eat is absorbed better into your blood stream. If you eat healthy, then your body can take those nutrients and use them, effectively improving your immune system.

So, you see babes, sea salt water detox is a must have in your home!

So how do you use our Himalayan Pink Salt for best results?

How to do salt water Flush

Sea salt and table salt are not the same; this is just to draw the distinction. Most of the time table salt has gone through a lot of processing, and most of its minerals have been lost in the process. However, for Sea salt, like our Pink Himalayas salt collection, you can expect to get all the minerals. Just add one detox bath bomb to your bath water and soak away!

After this exercise, you’ll feel very light, all feelings of bloating gone.  Your skin will glow, as it will have received a cleansing from the inside out.  You know what this means, babes, the guy next door will notice you more, because when you feel good, you’ll invariably look good. Bask in the attention because you earned it!



 *Credits: Pic via @EmilyMohsie

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Detox Bath: Wash away your sins!

Pink Detox Bath

Ever wondered if there was an easy way of getting rid of your sins? Not the sins like orgasms, you should have more of those not less. Sins like the champagne and late night pizza from last Saturday. The make up and bronzer.

You know babe, the stuff that you do or don’t do that ends up in dirty, jucky skin right on your face for everyone to see. What if I told you my Detox Bath can take it all away? You're in luck babe. 

What your skin really wants. The Detox Bath.

Sunday night and your skin is showing the last weekend. What’s there to do?

Water and shower are good. A Detox Bath is better.

Your skin is missing important minerals to cleanse itself. Your pores are filled with bad stuff that won’t let your biggest organ breath.

Your skin wants to be freed and deeply cleansed from everything clogging it. 

There are two sides to your skin’s story.

The one side, the outside, babes might already have tried. But simply washing away dirt is like winning only half the battle. Your dirty little pores might be clean for a second, but ready to hold on to more nasties the minute you turn your face.

It’s time to take care of your skin from the other side. The Inside. This is when you lay in a hot Detox Bath. The heat will open your pores, allowing the goodness and minerals of my Detox Bath to enter your skin.

Now your skin and body have all the tools to start its detox process and deeply cleanse. You’ll simply seat it out. And it will show. Thankful of the detox, your skin will heal up and look its best. Clear and beautiful how my babe is supposed to look.

X - Jack

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